Over the course of the next six weeks we are exploring what are the key values we have discerned as a church and why they matter. Each week a sermon will look at the key ideas and we are hoping to produce a blog each week that helps to explore the ideas further.

In Rev Andy’s talk on 1st August he spoke about our diet. Not only what we eat day by day but how we feed our souls. How is it that we can ensure we allow God to nourish us each day?

On occasions it feels like we have been here before – uncertainty seems to be at the forefront of our thinking as we come to terms with what next regarding the pandemic. Some people are anxious, whereas others are frustrated by imposed guidelines and some have both responses at different times. There are no easy answers – there is not a get out COVID free card – our faith in a God who is with us does not make us immune to the varying emotions and feelings of sadness and frustration.

chris small transI wonder what you think of when you think of community. It’s a word that’s used a lot but somehow hard to pin down and define. We know that being a part of a community matters, we have throughout our lives benefitted from the support that community brings.

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