We are about a month into the New Year and I wonder how your resolutions are going? Or did you even bother this year – because if you’re like me you know that by February they may end up like the previous years attempts.

At this time of year I often take the time to reflect back on what has gone before. At the moment I’m thinking about Christmas and whether it was what I expected or anticipated. How did it all go for you wonder? Were your expectations no matter how high met?

This week I have been thinking about names. On Sunday we had a reading from John’s gospel (1:29-42) where Jesus was called many different names and they were all packed with meaning and significance.

In what way is the church like a helicopter? Sometimes people are nervous about getting too close in case they get sucked into the rotas!

As with all good jokes, it’s funny because there’s an element of truth in it! But vocation and calling are about more than finding willing workers for the enormous list of jobs that an active church manages to generate – vocation is not about what you do but who you are. Roles and jobs may come out of discovering a vocation, but the starting place is to ask the question of God and yourself: who are you calling me to be?

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