Community, in many ways the heart of life. We will belong to many communities – but knowing our Christian life is a distinctive one is important. Psalm 133: 1 (NRSV) says “How wonderful and pleasant it is when kindred live together in harmony"
This is speaking about the family of God – Christians are part of this, and we don’t choose who are brothers and  sisters are in church!
Christian Community is about encouraging each other on our journey of faith, knowing that those around us will be there to help if we need it.  In Hebrews 10:24 we are told to “think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”
God’s community shapes the way we live. It is a place of limitless possibility, with room for all.
Community is about being a place of welcome, where you know you can belong, where you are accepted and respected. A place where all are welcome – and all feel welcome; not just to come in, but to be part of and involved in.
Not to stay the same, but to grow in God, and be all we can be. Not just for when it is easy, but for difficult times as well. Not only for our benefit, but for the glory of God.
Not just to know about God, but to be known by God; this is Community, a place we want to tell others about, because it means everything to us.
A community needs to be real, it needs a sense of place, it needs to be tangible when we tell others about how it sustains and guides us.  In many ways community is the sky above our other four values – almost like a dome over and encircling us.  As we stand with others, perhaps you can picture:-
• The solid rock of FAITH in God, on which we all stand. 
• Close to us is the huge vault of GRACE in which you will never cease to be amazed.
• As you look around, the gigantic forest of COMPASSION extends way into the distance, you know it will always be there for you.
• Looking another way you know you are also surrounded by a vast ocean of LOVE.
This place is real - is there any better community to be a part of?
Do you want a spiritual home with others that know how important community is?
All are welcome…

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