This last week has seen the outbreak of war with Russia invading the Ukraine. This is a time when so much seems uncertain and I don’t know about you but I feel confused and helpless. There is so much I don’t understand but I know we are called to pray. To cry out to God for peace and justice – I pray that the hearts of those set on war will be changed – I pray that there will be a miracle.

Community, in many ways the heart of life. We will belong to many communities – but knowing our Christian life is a distinctive one is important. Psalm 133: 1 (NRSV) says “How wonderful and pleasant it is when kindred live together in harmony"
This is speaking about the family of God – Christians are part of this, and we don’t choose who are brothers and  sisters are in church!

This morning Helen talked about Faithfulness by Brian Doerksen. Here is the video.

My second blog of this series feels a little like a ‘part 2’ to my first blog on love – you could describe compassion as ‘love in action.’ For some, your thoughts may turn to the kind of compassion witnessed in the life of Mother Teresa, surely the epitome of compassion. For others, it may be something more personal, remembering compassion shown to you at your moment of need, or a time you were moved by compassion to help someone else.

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