I would have finished this article for a bit earlier, but I have spent quite a bit of time waiting. My computer had the regular update and when things restarted it took some time for everything to settle and the computer to start behaving as it should. And whilst it may have been frustrating it fitted in well with my topic to write about for this month – the topic of waiting.

I wonder how you fill your time when waiting? Do you fit into the patient or impatient camp? Or does it depend on what you are waiting for – perhaps waiting for a surprise or a treat brings about a different reaction than if you are awaiting news of some test results.

How do you respond when you have unexpected times of waiting – perhaps stuck in a traffic jam or your computer updates – how do you spend your time in the waiting?

I was reflecting that when stuck in a traffic jam I like to know why I am waiting and how long it’s likely to be. The illuminated signs at the side of major roads informing you have how long the wait will be, tells me I’m not on my own – knowing how long our wait is can at times make it easier to wait.

But what does waiting look like when you don’t know when the end is? How do I enter into waiting in a way that is not anxious or wasteful? What is there to learn in the waiting and how can the waiting help me to draw near to God?

As I reflect on the disciples waiting in the upper room after Jesus has ascended to heaven in the book of Acts – I know they were told to wait but were not given a timescale – they waited in anticipation and committed to do that together. What can I learn from that waiting? How can I draw near to God and learn more of His love in the space of waiting rather than race about to make it end?  I can because God is present in the waiting.

As always, if you have thoughts on waiting and encountering God in the space please be in touch.


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