I wonder who inspires you? This Mothering Sunday in church we read the story, from the start of Exodus 2, of baby Moses being rescued from his floating basket, and we encountered three very inspirational women.

First, we met Jochebed, a Mum determined to keep her son safe in the hostile environment he was born into. Pharaoh had decreed that all baby boys born to Hebrew women must be killed at birth but Jochebed hid her son as long as she could, then placed him in a waterproof basket nestled among the reeds of the Nile. Her trust in God that there was a future and a fate other than an untimely death for her son was truly inspirational…and God was faithful! Her baby was back in her arms before the day was out! Jochebed’s trust in God was tested again when she had to face the painful ordeal of giving up her son to be adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, as per their agreement. It’s not always easy to trust God, particularly when things aren’t going as we would like. But Jochebed’s trust that God had a plan put Moses in the right place at the right time to hear God’s call and rescue his people from slavery. Can we trust God like Jochebed did?
Secondly we encountered Miriam, the shrewd older sister of Moses whose quick thinking and accurate reading of the situation led her to make a suggestion that would save her brother’s life and set things in motion for God’s grand plan of saving his people. Sometimes being shrewd is seen negatively, almost a synonym for ‘cunning’, but Jesus himself tells his disciples to be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves when declaring to people that the kingdom of heaven is near. When we respond to situations or tell people about our faith, are we tempted to use a blanket approach, or have a set script that we stick to? Perhaps we can be challenged and inspired by Miriam’s shrewdness to try and read and respond to each situation as it arises, being led by the Holy Spirit.

And finally, we have Hatshepsut (probably! We think that’s the right Egyptian princess, based on the dates!) who is the epitome of boldness. Moved with compassion at the crying baby left to die in the water, Pharaoh’s daughter doesn’t let her Dad’s command to kill babies stand in the way of rescuing the wailing infant, providing for his needs in his early years then adopting him formally and raising him in her Father’s very own palace. Bold indeed! How bold are we when it comes to following Jesus? Are we willing to take risks, swim against the flow, and act boldly for God?

Three women among so many whose faith and actions can inspire us all in our journey with God. I wonder who inspires you? And how are you going to live for God in a way that inspires others?

Rev Emma

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