How many times a day does your phone buzz, vibrate or ping?  People getting in touch, providing us with information, asking questions or attempting to sell us things.

How we communicate has changed significantly in the past 20 years. Technology has revolutionised how we communicate and will continue to do so. 

Yet I feel that at times communication has been mixed up with information. Communication to me implies that there is a two-way process. Good communicators are surely not simply those who are good at speaking but also those who are able to listen. To respond to the person you are communicating with is important, to hear their story and not simply to tell your own.

Jesus is an example of a wonderful communicator- it is not simply his fantastic turn of phrase or the image filled parables often told to large crowds, but also his ability to respond individually to the person in front of him, to hear their story and respond to their need

As a church we are launching our new website in an attempt to better communicate what we do. But we are aware that this is just one part of how we try to communicate. We believe that we are called to attempt to listen to the community and to God’s calling and direction. We do this through prayerfully listening and discerning what we are called to do. It involves allowing ourselves to be still and creating space to hear – maybe allowing the grass to grow beneath our feet and stepping aside from continual busyness.

Our new website is therefore just a part of how we try to communicate – we hope you find it useful but please know it only tells a part of what we do and who we are called to be.



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